Saturday, July 31, 2010

A goal to not be lazy

Where did she go many have asked? When are you going to blog again? Well I am alive and have been enjoying my summer as much as I possibly could. Many books have been read, movies watched, night walks with my husband and spending time outside enjoying the summer.

My little sister came home from her mission and I have enjoyed talking with her on the phone! We talk about boys and how to flirt and have fun! PS: she gave her number out last week, I'm so proud!

We have been to Demolition Durby's with good friends. Oh how the smell of gasoline combined with massive amount of rednecks and cars crashing into one another is still and will always be so fun to watch.

         Last but not least breakfast burritos at beto's. I crave Mexican food all the time and love eating here.

So don't worry I am still around just not by the computer but I will be back soon!