Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Real Men Do Dishes

Lucas started is new job on Monday and we love it! It has continually been a great blessing in our life. We were offered another job were he would be making almost double of what he is making know but it would require him to work many Sundays, be away from home 3 weeks at a time. We decided to take the pay cut and we are so happy! Know he is home more and will be close when it's delivery time which is a relief to me. 

His first day on the drill sight they were fitted with safety gear. The other day Lucas was doing the dishes and I turn around and he's wearing his safety gear. Tully is an example of how real men do dishes! Love ya.

Seguall Book Sisterhood Celebration

 How Willden's/Garcia's Win Free things

What a fun weekend! My mom and sisters went to celebrating sisterhood at Seagull Book in American Fork.We had to fight to get on the numbers and finally after an hour two of the three of us had won prizes! I won a doggy puppet that sings. It is the funniest thing and we love it. Laura won a thanksgiving apron thanks to me! It was my number that they called but I made Laura go up and take the prize for me.

Yes the picture on the right is one of my mom sitting on the ground doing bills while she waits for her number to be called. Sadly this was not a lucky number for her.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Treasure Trove

Having a baby if you didn't know costs a lot of money. Baby clothes aren't cheap and they are so cute its so easy for those little outfits to tug on your heart strings and have you convinced that your little man has to have THAT outfit. Well to lighten the effect on you pocketbook we found sweet pea boutique.

Every time we go to mamaw's house in Tooele we will be stopping by this store. They had discounted diapers,formula, breast feeding equipment, baby bedding and did I mention kids clothes. Finding onesies for $.50 a piece and little hats for $.25 was our favorite deal!

Learn more about sweet pea on Sassy Scoops