Friday, November 26, 2010

JoAnns our love hate relationship

With in minutes all 100 pairs of scissors were given away and with in 10 min we were number 80 to have our fabric cut. Luckily we were ahead of these cute ladies buying 90 yards of fabric to make blankets and donate to CAPSA. They were sweet one of the ladies had to go home so Lucas watched there material and saved there spot in line so the daughter could take her mother home.

Many women abandoned there carts of there were other crazy ladies that brought the fort with them. No joke one women brought her own carts and had three 4 ft tall piles of fabric and she was buying every single yard!

We saved $119 which was crazy because I would have never paid that much in the first place. My mom told me that a few years back they sold there flannel for get this 50 cents a yard! This year it was $1.30. But if it ever goes down to $.50 a yard I will be buying 50 plus yards of fabric.

This year we came away with almost 20 yards.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ward Service Project Update!

New information below

Oh the weather outside is frightful but this service project will be so delightful! When  Rebbecca told me some of the houses would need framing when we come I cringed. That would be hard to doing such a service in the snow. We went to look out the houses and those four walls and roofs were looking pretty nice!

Here are the homes that we will be helping build! They build in groups of seven and we will be helping two different groups with there homes. The people we will we working with these are there homes every week they are required to put in 35 hours. Which when you think about it would be hard, try finding 35 extra hours a week in our schedule's now! Many of these families like Rebbecca are going back to school, working and have families.

So to have all of us come and help  them for a day is a relief! They need man power

Everyone please remember that we are building there homes that we need to build them how we would want our homes built no oh this looks good enough attitude. Come with an attitude to learn a new skill! The different groups will be putting rock up on the outside of homes and or inside framing!

Group #1 Rebbecca's group

Everyone is underneath the plastic putting up the rock.

Group #2 Framing
This was the only house withouts its roof on but in two weeks from today it will look different, because they are consistently working on the homes.

A finished Product

Saturday December 4th sign up for a shift either 7am-11am and or 11am-3pm
 (your more then welcome to stay the entire day)

Smithfield UT 100 North 600 W meet at the first tailor on the left it looks like this.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served. Any recommendations or request please comment!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ward Service Project

What a miracle it was to find this project helping families build there homes! Habitual for Humanity builds homes all over the world and even here in cache valley. We will be helping Rebbecca Farnsworth and other families like her build there low income housing home. Personally I have loved getting to know Rebbecca her faith is contagious and her will is strong. Her family is grateful for our wards willingness to serve.

Here is Rebbecca's story

Rebbecca is only 34 years old, but after her husband suffered a
massive heart attack two years ago she was left a widow with a child
as young as 13 months and a family to care for. Her five children now
range in age from 3 to 13 years, and along with attending USU full
time she spends a minimum 35 hours a week working on building her
home. Rebbecca has a strong testimony of the Savior. In losing her
husband she compares herself to a tree. When he died she felt like
half of this tree had died. She relied on her husband for so many
things and over the years she has learned to fill out her tree,
becoming the handyman her husband was, while standing as a strong
daughter of God. She has not done it alone, and is constantly amazed
at the Lord’s hand in all things. She knows that her Savior lives and is
amazed at his endless love for her.

 On Saturday, December 4 we will be helping Rebbecca and
others piece their lives back together after tragedy by helping them
to build their homes. Rebbecca is receiving help to build a new home
for her family through Habitat for Humanity. Seven homes are
currently being built, and no one family can move into a home until
all seven are fully completed. Please plan to offer your helping hands
on December 4 so that Rebbecca and others may come closer to
moving into these new homes that they are in such need of.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Am I nesting is the question and someone offered to come help me clean if I was. I wanted to lie and say yes just because who gets offers to have someone help clean with you. I doubt its nesting but just my organizational self coming out and wanting to come home to a clean home after this baby comes.

I've been to Walmart three times this week to buy Rubbermaid containers. I have organized under the stairs, my laundry area, bathroom drawers and my craft areas. Tomorrow I will clean the fridge, mop the floors and continue to vacuum my sealing of cobwebs (they are everywhere). 

It feels nice to have an extra clean house the only key is keeping it that way and not allowing my laziness to kick in wish me luck!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tillamoock Cheese how I wish I could afford you... today I did!

 A college roommate of mine introduced me to a love of yummy cheese and when I could afford it Tillamook is what I would buy. Normally these blocks of 2lbs cost $9.99. This last week they have been on sale at Macey's for 4.99 and with my wonderful PYP website I found a dollar off coupon. So now I can enjoy my ten dollar block of cheese for 4 dollars! 

We bought the montery jack so we could shred it and freeze it in small plastics bags for pizza, lasagna, pasta sauces and so forth.

The sale is on until Tuesday a midnight! Enjoy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stocking your Pantry for $1

Smith's is having a great deal on soups! They are free here is my grocery list for Saturday and see how I got my bill from $15.47 down to $1.47!

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom/Chicken Soup on sale for $.50 (when you mix and match 10 items)
add coupon here print the coupon on the top right TWICE
Total 6 cans for FREE

Campbell's Chuncky soup on sale for $.99 (when you mix and match 10 items)
add coupon here print TWICE
Total 2 cans for $.99

Colgate Toothbrush make sure you choose one that is on sale for $1 or less and is part of the mix and match
add coupon here print TWICE
Total 2 brushes for FREE

Here is what I got! for 1.47

Yes it takes time to figure these coupons out but Pinching your pennies does it for you! I figure the 15 min it took me to print out the coupons and the 15 min in the grocery store I was paid 9.60 in product for the 30 min it took me.

My best advice when starting to use coupons is let others do it for you and just hit print and enjoy the FREE food!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Tonight for date night we are off to the movies for free thanks to general mills cereal. It's not our favorite theater in Logan but the $6 dollars we spent in cereal is paying off. This is how it's done.

General Mills Cereal 1.99(limit 2)  a box print off your $1 off two boxes
Go put the boxes in your car and go threw the line again

Total  $6 for 4 boxes of cereal (they are the bigger boxes)
Redeem movie tickets worth $12 each

Pay 6 dollars get  $30 worth of product!

The cereal is only on sale until Tuesday