Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cake Number one

This is my first fondant cake that I have attempted on my own and I loved it! Making it took time but I tried to spread it out over a couple days. Day one bake the cake and freeze it. The reason I freeze my cakes is becuase they are easier to frost! Next Day I but on the buttercream frosting and white fondant. Man making the main color white makes making the cake so much easier. I make my own fonudant so chaning the color takes time and your hands get tierd. I found the cute flowers at Michaels well actually the cookie cutter and loved the three sizes! Lucas made the brown frosting which took a lot of foundant coloring I wanted it darker but it took half the coloring contiaer to get it that dark so we called it good.

This cake is for my Relif Society's party activity. I volunteered to make this girly cake because I love pretty things and a birthday party without a cake isn't much of a birthday party.

I'm getting excited to take a cake decorating class! I found that they teach the same cake class at Love to Cook and  Michaels. So I decided to take it at Michaels because the cost of supplies will be lower and I can save my 40% coupons and use them when taking the class!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hobby number #1

How often do we go to threw our daily routine of school, work, family, kids and forget to spice up our lives. This last week I asked my husband one hobby that he's always wanted to try, his response scuba diving.

Personally I've wanted to learn the art of cakes! So with the start of  Spring Break I headed on over to Love to Cook and found out that they have a four week long cake decorating class every Tuesday. The best deal is that it is only $25 for the four classes! You have to buy your own kit which costs $30, but I was sold!

I would love to have a friend to go with. So if this has always been a dream lets do it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come Find me

My sisters and I have been doing the values of virtue for the Young Womens Madalian. We've all recieved are award but since being in Young Womens they've added a new value.

Come to my mom's blog to see my post.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trying something new

Today  we had a fun Monday date that cost us ten dollars. Lucas came with me to my curling class and then we went for a free treat at McDonald. Normally we don't like to go there very often, so many calories. But we found coupon in the statesman newspaper.

A  Free Smoothie! 

Before we had our free smothie we went to my Curling Class. I've always wanted to try this sport and needed one more credit this semeter. I convienced Lucas to come with me and try.

It cost $10 for a two hour lesson and after you go once then you can just jump on the ice in teams of four and play. My first time playing I fell often and got a huge bruise on my knee. But today I only fell once! Also I made a point for my team!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Favorite things of the week!

Yummy Oreo truffles that I learned from my mom's blog  

Making my first french fries I loved them!

Taking Oreo truffles to members of our church to bribe them to come to our family history class. It worked!

Seeing Nelda jump up on the piano at work. She has been going threw a tough time lately but loves to come eat lunch with us after we close the Skyroom. It makes me happy to see her leave her world of worry for 15 min a day and laugh with me.

Beto's with Brittany. She loves to serve others and left a message on my phone asking me if she could help me and come to work with me. I love her.

Trying the new Smokin Blues Restaurant and Huckleberry soda. We loved it the food was smoked, we saw the staff go get the meat right out of the smoke box outside. The singers were great and our waiter Patrick made us feel like family.

Most of all our new baby! Hurray tax returns

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Bacon Free Pork and Free Steaks

Read it and believe it if 
I can do it so can you!

Step one- Take your Macy's coupon buster booklet over to Macy's. They also have more at the store! But I'm pretty sure they will run out, but you did receive them in the mail.

Step two- Front cover there is a coupon $3.00 off of a family pack of meat
Look for the FP at the end of the title of meat, this labels it as a family pack. If you look at the price these spare ribs are 3.11! Step 3- pay .11 for your spare ribs! The limit is 2 so look for another! We found some of these in the pork section also
Free Bacon

We got these 8 packs of bacon that should have cost 20 dollars for FREE!
Step 1- Go to the LOGAN Macy's (I'm not sure if they are doing this at all Macy's) and bring your coupons book. This coupon is $2.50 of Farmland bacon and the limit is four it is in the middle of your book.
Step 2- The Farmland bacon is already on sale 2 for $5 - this was very confusing to many people the actual coupon isn't effective until March 17 but because of the confusion they are honoring the coupon still!
Step 3- The coupon limit is 4 so pick up your four packs of bacon and head on over to the cashier with your coupon!

Free Exidrin

GO TO the Excedrin website and register they will send you a coupon in the mail for a free bottle! I have yet to receive any spam mail!


Today we (my husband and I both went so extra free food!)  bought

8 Pack of Hickory Smoked Bacon normally 4.29 a piece saved 34.32
1.53 lbs of Bottom Round Steaks normally 3.99 a pound saved  8.29 (actually with the 3.00 of coupon we received .72 back!
1.97 pounds of country style spare ribs normal 1.58 lb we paid .11cents!

Our total came to... -.67 thats right Macy's owed us money!!

Good luck shoppers out there and enjoy the free food!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hurray for Free and Cheap things!

So today was a day of enjoying free things! At work I ran downstairs to grab a newspaper while it was slow to pass the time away and low and behold there is an Arby's ad with FREE CURLY FRIES! FREE. After work I went threw the drive threw and obtained my free smal curly fries that would normaly cost 1.37 for free! I think I might scrabook the recipet I was so happy. Oh no worries later I took Lucas there for dinner and we again recieved free curly fries! I cut out about oh 20 + coupons.

Later walking around campus I saw these add lay around like garbage if they would only read and see! So being my crazy self I ran around and picked them up and know I have 30. I don't think I'll eat them all nor should I so if you some Arby's coupons please comment and I would be happy to share my coupons with you.

They also had free sandwiches with the purchase of a small drink so essentially you can get cheddar roast beef sandwich, small curly fries and a small drink all for 1.60!

Later we went to Lee's Marketplace and stocked up on there cereal that is on sale for $1.00 a box. So know our food storage consists of 30 boxes of cereal, 13 cans of corn 13 cans of green beans, rice, and a half empty bucket of flour.

Were getting there.