Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My wedding

In planning my wedding we had a few goals in mind first to have a unique reception place located central for all of our traveling guest and something that screamed us! We found the perfect location at the Salt Lake City County Building The price was only $500 for the entire building all night and if there is not an event the night before the staff invites you to come early and set up!

We chose Aggie blue and champagne for our colors with hints of tan, black and light blues. With the red in the wall color and the iron stairwells our colors blended well. Arranged our food table became the main center piece of our reception. With chocolate fountains at three of the four ends and drink were located at two smaller tables on each hall.

The backdrop behind us was easy to make and put up. We took our 40% off an item to Jo-anns and bout ten yards. Ultimatum I wanted to hang some similar outside with our initials on it but with the sun setting fast in the winter no one would see it.

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