Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pill the part I hated about marriage

Everyone assumes that the pill will work for everyone. You just get on, have as much sex as you want enjoy not getting pregnant and life is grand. My experience was much different and today I'm ready to talk about it. In high school I got on Yasmin to clear up my acne I loved it my skin was great, my cycles were regular and I felt fine. Except just recently I am able to recognize why I had a few nervous break downs... it's because I wasn't in control of my hormones my medication was doing it for me.

Now after being married for almost a year and have been threw three different kinds of birth control for various reasons including, not being in control of my emotions, bleeding threw and a general disstisfaction. I realized one day that I wasn't the woman my husband had married, that was the day I threw out the package of 31 pills and now after three months I feel like I am starting to be myself again.

This last week I was at a bridal shower and one of the brides commented vaguely of the emotional rollorcoster she has been since starting the pill. Women of the world this medication is a great wonder and works! But not for everyone there are many forms of contraceptives and many kinds of medication available. If your form of birth control you are using is not working for you talk with your husband, doctor, and close friends. Chances are you will find many that are have found help. You deserve it!

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The Boob Nazi said...

Man, birth control leveled out my moods like no other! That's actually why I started to take it. I was a crazy, crazy person every month if I didn't take it. I also got off it in November because I was too poor, and I was INSANE for two weeks. (I like to think my bf wouldn't have broken up with me if I hadn't been crazy and told him stuff that led him to break up with me. Long story.)