Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday:Dreamy Cakes

This last month I took the Flowers and Cake Design class at Michaels.
I love what I learned it was fun fun!
The classes are still half off until May.
I have yet to take the Fondant and flowers class.
So if your interested let me know.

I made them for an activity for church.
It was called Blossom were your planted. We had fabric donated and made fabric flowers. We are going to donate them to the local Nursing Home to help brighten there day.


Derek, Nikki, and Avrie said...

What a FUN activity! also, i would love to take the class with you! I need to explore the world of fondant!

Laura said...

Cute! I want to take the class too! Can you email me details? Thanks!

Sherylynn Ball said...

Sarah, I didn't know you did the cupcakes at the activity! OMG can I just say WOW! I wondered where they came from but I thought they were just bought they were so professional looking....nice job!

Sharon said...

The cupcakes look absolutely beautiful!!!

Laura said...

umm yeah. you can do my wedding cake!

Trevor, Kelsey and Molly said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous! You're so talented Sarah! I wish we still liked in Logan so I could take those classes with you!