Sunday, February 21, 2010

My favorite things this week and last week

We were able to attend two AGGIE basketball games! We are big fans of watching basketball. Many of our single friends have married each other, like us. So we have yet to lose any good friends and enjoy them even more as couples! 
And hurray for free dish towels at the game. We needed to get some but instead I ran around like a crazy lady picking up as many free towels that students left behind. Our final count is 14! 14 FREE dish towels! Hurray for saving money. Aggie Basketball we love you. Oh and the Frampton's your were some of the cool single friends that we loved and know that your married we love you even more!
Larry! Lucas's lazy eye he's the one under Jessica's awesome eye patch!

Maybe one day we will get on the big screen at the game with the kissing heart around us! Before when I was single when I was at the game sitting next to a guy would always cross my fingers it would not come to us. But now bring it on .

Lucas taught me it's all about using a smaller spoon when eating yogurt, you can enjoy it more, it fits in the container and you feel like a kid!

I'm turning into my Dad. I love salsa on everything!

Lucas' first homemade cheesecake. You know you married the right person when your husband stays up until 1am making you this for valentines dinner. You did awesome babe.

We went snowshoeing with friends a few weeks ago and it amazed me that in a river of melted snow there was a plant. It gave me strength that in the midst of adversity and cold miserable Logan winters, there is hope!

Some girls might say that flowers are a waste of money, they just say that but what they really mean is that they are still waiting for someone to buy them some! Macey's Floral department is where it's at!


vanessa said...

Love it

Sharon said...

Fun! Enjoy your time a a couple while you can!