Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goal of 2010

Among many goals of losing weight, eating better, and having more fun I want to save more money! One night when I wasn't able to fall asleep I searched COUPONS on Google. Low and behold I have found an army of professional doing all the work for me and all I have to do is hit print and then slide my credit card in line and watch my total decrease with each coupon the checker scans. Ladies and Gentleman I am here to tell you it is easy! Today I cleaned out an old envelope holder and know have my organized coupon holder! 
The most inspiring thing was watching the YouTube videos of these savvy shoppers!

I want to do this because it is a skill I can use for the rest of life and bless the lives of others. 

My deal of the week was our Yoplait yogurts normally prices at .65 cents each and we got them half off! Also our cereal collection is growing we used coupons printed off from Smart Source that lowered our Cinnamon Toast Church cereal  from  the sale price of 3 for 5 dollar combining our coupon of .75 off! I love food for less than a dollar!

So for those college students out there needing to save more money coupons is an answer. I made the goal to save ten dollars a week and with the money I save I’m putting it away for a night away with my best friends Lucas.

Just remember Pinching You Pennies is your friend!

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