Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Staying home

Complaining becaucse of morning sickness brings feelings of guilt.

So many women in this world have it harder than me, I should feel grateful that I can have children.

I guess rejoicing about morning sickness is the last thing I think to do.

But then I met Stephanie. I learned her story and thought wow look how lucky she is. But then I was wrong I am lucky too! Click on her name and please watch this short clip, it changed my life and my day.

 Funny story while at graduation I actually got sick and had to leave. I didn't know what to do, during basketball games you can easily see when a player leaves  the floor and that was not my goal. Luckily I was sitting at the end of an row. This time came and I took off my rob and hat, shoes in hand I bolted. I hoped I would make it to the bathroom and I did. I made it back in time to walk too! I am so greatful school is done! With a week off work I am resting and enjoying life. Sadly I wish there were more good movies out to watch. But instead I watch Stephanie's movie on lds.org for the third time and cry again.


Kayce and Scott said...

Sarah, I love you! And thanks so much for the cute text on Monday. I know what you mean about feeling guilty. But I say, don't. There's a huge difference between loving being pregnant and being so grateful for such an amazing blessing and not loving being sick. No one likes puking no matter what the reason. I think we can be grateful for trials (and pregnancy is a trial, it's supposed to be that way! Remember when Adam and Eve left the garden?) but it doesn't mean we have to say "hey, give me some more!" And I promise, it gets better. Call me if you need anything, I'm serious!

Alexa Mae said...

I was lucky and never got sick with either of my children. You know they say if you do alot, it is probably a girl and usually that is right. You are darling! Congrats on graduating. That is so awesome.

Sharon said...

It will be all worth it in the end! I promise!!