Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deal of the YEAR!

I just bought cereal for .40 a box! And it wasn't the western family style it was the real captain crunch. In the adds this last weeks ads I noticed that captain crunch was on sale along with other general mills oatmeal and granola bars for $1 a box a Smith's. I took the three dollar off general mills coupon from the Macy's and Fresh Market ads and went on over to Smith's. They gladly took my coupon and I bought my boxes of cereal for .40 each.
We will be heading back later this week to stock up on granola bars and oatmeal for out food storage. The best part is that Smith's is prepared as soon as you walk in the store the merchandise is there and well stocked but the sale ends on Tuesday so get there before then!

If you threw away your ads just head on over to Macy's they have plenty of Ad's for you to take and sometimes they have copies of the coupon at their registers.  The general mills coupon for $3 off when you buy five is on the second page just add that with the Smith's sale and five boxes of oatmeal, cereal and granola bars will only cost you $2 dollars.


Sharon said...

Well - you are lucky, because the Smith's here has banned those coupons because of a note in the fine print - that it is only to be used at associated foods stores.

Kayce and Scott said...

I'm commenting so you can find me! And I'm super sad that I bought my cereal before I read about the coupon to go with it...still a great deal, though!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I love coupon deals like that. They give you a sense of euphoria that you are beating the system!