Sunday, March 6, 2011

My favorite things

 Lucas came home from work at 11:40pm. It had been a good but long week, it feels so good to have your best friend home with you.
Talking about Eternal Marriage and how our marriage has grown in the last two years. We also realized a funny thing! The summer before I started dating Lucas I made it my goal to date him. I told the right people so he would hear threw the grape vine that he had an admirer. It never realized how funny that sounded to him and how he could have easily made it harder for me to date him. He told me how with many other girls he liked or dated often he would build walls to not like them to protect himself when things wouldn't work out. But because of my funny goal and him hearing it before we actually started dating he treated me differently. I know that the Lord has a plan for us and he will help us in accomplishing all we are required to in this life.


Sharon said...

Sounds like you've been thinking about "Eternal Marriage"!!!!!

Laura said...

Mom just got a pic up in the piano room of you guys... i told her to save room for me. muah ha ha ha