Sunday, January 31, 2010


My best friend turned 28 today! We were too excited to wait so he opened his last night! Sadly he figured it out before but I did better than Christmas. I am horrible at keeping secrets or surprise from him so with this gift I had to wait to go buy it and instead of telling him what it was I told all of our friends so I wouldn't go crazy. But it drove him crazy, since all of our friends knew what he was getting they could all tease him and he started to go nuts trying to figure it out! But what gave it away was when we were driving down to the in-laws we saw a helicopter and Lucas pointed it out. I had to turn away so I wouldn’t give it away with my facial expressions.
So Happy Birthday Baby! Enjoy your flight lesson and have fun!

The training is an hour long the first half hour is ground training and rest will be in the air and he will fly the helicopter!! Great deal from Mountain Ridge Helicopters


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas!!!

Corey Candice Emmett said...

That is awesome birthday gift. A late happy birthday from the Child's.

Chelsey said...

That is AWESOME! I seriously want to do this for Dave if I can afford it! How much $$ is it?!