Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cake Number one

This is my first fondant cake that I have attempted on my own and I loved it! Making it took time but I tried to spread it out over a couple days. Day one bake the cake and freeze it. The reason I freeze my cakes is becuase they are easier to frost! Next Day I but on the buttercream frosting and white fondant. Man making the main color white makes making the cake so much easier. I make my own fonudant so chaning the color takes time and your hands get tierd. I found the cute flowers at Michaels well actually the cookie cutter and loved the three sizes! Lucas made the brown frosting which took a lot of foundant coloring I wanted it darker but it took half the coloring contiaer to get it that dark so we called it good.

This cake is for my Relif Society's party activity. I volunteered to make this girly cake because I love pretty things and a birthday party without a cake isn't much of a birthday party.

I'm getting excited to take a cake decorating class! I found that they teach the same cake class at Love to Cook and  Michaels. So I decided to take it at Michaels because the cost of supplies will be lower and I can save my 40% coupons and use them when taking the class!


Brooke said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Dave and I were so sad we didn't get to see you and Lucas when you were in town. Hopefully we can play soon. =)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

wow, amazing girl! How fantastic!