Monday, March 1, 2010

Hurray for Free and Cheap things!

So today was a day of enjoying free things! At work I ran downstairs to grab a newspaper while it was slow to pass the time away and low and behold there is an Arby's ad with FREE CURLY FRIES! FREE. After work I went threw the drive threw and obtained my free smal curly fries that would normaly cost 1.37 for free! I think I might scrabook the recipet I was so happy. Oh no worries later I took Lucas there for dinner and we again recieved free curly fries! I cut out about oh 20 + coupons.

Later walking around campus I saw these add lay around like garbage if they would only read and see! So being my crazy self I ran around and picked them up and know I have 30. I don't think I'll eat them all nor should I so if you some Arby's coupons please comment and I would be happy to share my coupons with you.

They also had free sandwiches with the purchase of a small drink so essentially you can get cheddar roast beef sandwich, small curly fries and a small drink all for 1.60!

Later we went to Lee's Marketplace and stocked up on there cereal that is on sale for $1.00 a box. So know our food storage consists of 30 boxes of cereal, 13 cans of corn 13 cans of green beans, rice, and a half empty bucket of flour.

Were getting there.

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