Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Bacon Free Pork and Free Steaks

Read it and believe it if 
I can do it so can you!

Step one- Take your Macy's coupon buster booklet over to Macy's. They also have more at the store! But I'm pretty sure they will run out, but you did receive them in the mail.

Step two- Front cover there is a coupon $3.00 off of a family pack of meat
Look for the FP at the end of the title of meat, this labels it as a family pack. If you look at the price these spare ribs are 3.11! Step 3- pay .11 for your spare ribs! The limit is 2 so look for another! We found some of these in the pork section also
Free Bacon

We got these 8 packs of bacon that should have cost 20 dollars for FREE!
Step 1- Go to the LOGAN Macy's (I'm not sure if they are doing this at all Macy's) and bring your coupons book. This coupon is $2.50 of Farmland bacon and the limit is four it is in the middle of your book.
Step 2- The Farmland bacon is already on sale 2 for $5 - this was very confusing to many people the actual coupon isn't effective until March 17 but because of the confusion they are honoring the coupon still!
Step 3- The coupon limit is 4 so pick up your four packs of bacon and head on over to the cashier with your coupon!

Free Exidrin

GO TO the Excedrin website and register they will send you a coupon in the mail for a free bottle! I have yet to receive any spam mail!


Today we (my husband and I both went so extra free food!)  bought

8 Pack of Hickory Smoked Bacon normally 4.29 a piece saved 34.32
1.53 lbs of Bottom Round Steaks normally 3.99 a pound saved  8.29 (actually with the 3.00 of coupon we received .72 back!
1.97 pounds of country style spare ribs normal 1.58 lb we paid .11cents!

Our total came to... -.67 thats right Macy's owed us money!!

Good luck shoppers out there and enjoy the free food!

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