Sunday, March 7, 2010

Favorite things of the week!

Yummy Oreo truffles that I learned from my mom's blog  

Making my first french fries I loved them!

Taking Oreo truffles to members of our church to bribe them to come to our family history class. It worked!

Seeing Nelda jump up on the piano at work. She has been going threw a tough time lately but loves to come eat lunch with us after we close the Skyroom. It makes me happy to see her leave her world of worry for 15 min a day and laugh with me.

Beto's with Brittany. She loves to serve others and left a message on my phone asking me if she could help me and come to work with me. I love her.

Trying the new Smokin Blues Restaurant and Huckleberry soda. We loved it the food was smoked, we saw the staff go get the meat right out of the smoke box outside. The singers were great and our waiter Patrick made us feel like family.

Most of all our new baby! Hurray tax returns

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