Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today we took Mason to his first doctors appointment. He is still the same weight as when he left the hospital.. I was a proud mama. His bilirubin levels were low, so no jaundice. We also found out that my placenta was heavily infected with infection. Which means Mason was swimming in bacteria and infection and a big slap of bacteria was brewing in my body.

Luckily during labor I started to have a fever and was but on antibiotics. The hospital recently (the policy was 24 or 48 hours new) put into policy that if you re but on antibiotics while in labor your baby automatically goes to the NICU for 48 hours. We had no idea that my placenta was heavily infected until today when the labs came back.

We were so lucky that my body started running a fever and put Mason right into the NICU so they could treat his infection also. Because they but him right in the NICU they were able to immediately find out his needs and meet them. Doctor Horkely helped us understand how blessed we were that everything was caught very early.

We know that Heavenly Father was and is watching out for us. We know that our Lord loves us and we know that we are his children. It has been amazing witnessing how Heavenly Father watches out for his children it is a testimony to me and I am eternally grateful that he has kept our family healthy safe and sound.

We love you all but if you are sick stay away from our home.
 We found out today that if he starts having a fever he will go back to the hospital. We will not have this and thank you for helping our new son stay healthy and out of the hospital.


Chelsey said...

Dang! That is crazy! I want to bring you guys dinner, when would be good to do that? And what food do you like? :D

Mary said...

That is so exciting, and amazing that they found all that. We are glad to hear that you are all doing well, happy and healthy. Congrats, and keep the pictures coming! We love them!