Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I want to remember for later babies

Having a baby is hard and amazing. During month nine with my huge tummy and unable to get out of bed without Senuor Guapo helping me roll out, I would ask Lucas it's worth it right? Yes yes it is. These are things I want to remember for children down the road and I hope these reminders will help others.

#1 It's worth it!
Doctor Olsen told me to look down and then my eyes beheld the most glorious sight my son. That moment is one I will never forget, meeting my son for the first time.

#2 Epidurals are wonderful
I honestly felt guilty for a little bit that I was taking the easy route. Well it still wasn't easy but so much more bearable. Good for those women that give birth without any pain medication but I am and will never be one of those women. If your like me when the nurse asks if you would like on you get it and get it early. I could have gone longer dealing with the pain but I wanted my moneys worth. So DON'T FEEL GUILTY!!

#3 Transition Phase
Yep no one told me about this! When you are transitioning into 9-10cm dilated your body reacts by shaking. It scared me I thought something was wrong and it was hard to clam down. Lucas told me to pretend like I was in a vibrating bed, it mostly made me laugh and calmed me down. But no one told me and it scared me, so just pretend your in a vibrating bed or something funny to help you calm down.

#4 Nurses are angles
Many people have told me how there nurses are angles, yes yes they are. I kept on thanking them and I hope they understand how much I needed them and loved them! Dee you told me to press that wonderful pain button and helped me get comfortable and I love you for it!

#5 Recovery
Me and my mom went to one store yesterday, I knew exactly were we were going to go parked close went in and out and I was ready for a nap afterward. Your body is tried get in bed and don't get out.

#6 Hosptials are safe
Some women have there babies at home I will never never be one of those women. When in labor I started to have a fever and was put on antibiotics and then Mason needed  immediate medical attention. The d reoctors and nurses were heaven sent. Having your baby at home would be wonderful to be at home in your own bed, but I will always have my babies in the hostpital and I recommend that to all GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

#7 MOM'S are amazing
They come to your house and make yummy taco soup

 and yummy pot roast
 and make you yummy cookies

Yep mom's are the best and make the best grandma's


Brooke said...

I love the picture of Mason and your mom!!! Congrats again Sarah!

Sharon said...

Thanks Sarah. It was a pleasure to come and help and hold that little angel!