Monday, February 14, 2011

Cheap Diapers here we come!

I saw a great deal for diapers on frebies2deals
 Head on over to Walgreen.
There Walgreen brand diapers are buy one get one free, add on the 2off coupon = 2.50 ish a piece. The coupon is an in store coupon, located in the infant coupon booklet.

In the Logan store most everyone knew about the deal but my neighbors went and had problems getting the deal so make sure you ask for the $2 off jumbo diapers in the infant coupon booklet.

Also many people have asked me if these diapers are any good, the women that runs freebies 2 deals said these are her favorite diaper. We have only used a few and they are pretty good. We compared them to the Luvs diapers and they are very similar except they have a little less elastic on the back of the diaper.

In the Logan store they are out of size 2 and 3.
Make sure you get the jumbo packs, that is how you get the $2 off coupon!
We were able to get 4 packs of diapers for $10!
Make sure you comment and tell me the great deal you got!


Mary said...

have you tried them yet to see if they are good or not?

Sharon said...

So Sarah Called me - and yes I went to my local Walgreen's in Lehi, UT. They already had limit - I could only purchase two! But it worked and I used the in store coupon. So two package for $5.33!! Not that I need them but I do have some grandbabies!!

Chelsey said...

We ended up getting the deal! We want to keep going back because it goes until the 19th! I called my friend in Ogden and let her know about it too. Thanks for the tip!!!

swillden said...

I'm so glad you got the deal! Was ready to march over there today with you if they didn't

sherylynn ball said...

Sarah, I was looking at your blog and ran across this. Thanks for sharing! I went and bought size 4 diapers at walgreens today and what a deal! Sierra is in size 3 but will fit the 4's soon enough. Got 2 packages of 31 diapers each for $5.31 including tax! Will maybe head over there tomorrow again since u can get them once a day I think. Thanks girl ;)