Monday, February 14, 2011

My favorite things

This last week has been hard, very lonely.
With Lucas working in Idaho Mason and I tried to stay busy.
But what can I say I miss this man.
He is the love of my life.
We got in a tickle fight and I was screaming and kicking.
I hope our neighbors didn't think we were beating each other
Mason is learning so much!
This week he is learning to drool, starting to find his hands. It's more a trial and error thing. Also the bouncy chair! It's funny I'll put him in there and he will get mad and kick his legs and then the bouncing will calm him down. 
So here are his before legs and in a few weeks we will see how much stronger they will get! 

I found s.e.i from a coupon and I am lucky enough to have the outlet store here in Logan! They have great deals on paper, stickers and classes. They had clearance paper for $.10 a sheet. That beats hobby lobby any day. Cami the store manager was so sweet. They are going to do a couple of give aways on my blog. So keep your eyes out for yummy giveaways from s.e.i 
Free things plus a give away this was definitely a favorite thing of the week.

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