Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walking Tour of Logan: Off to the library on foot

Oh the weather outside is still frightful.
But we are done being trapped inside
I hope to every week take a walking tour of Logan.
Today we walked to the library.
When walking we saw things that we have driven by everyday. It helped us appreciate the world around us.
 The sidewalks have yet to be ready for us.
But there are still many signs that spring is coming

Just around the corner from our house there is this training facility. Maybe I'll put learning hard ball on my list.

Yet another random business around the corner.

What did or does this say? It's behind the Logan Arts Cinema.

No signs of spring here.

Have you ever been to your city hall?

This is the assistant chief's car I wonder if the chief's car is bigger?

 Here we are, Logan library. They have redone the outside and it looks much better. They are also expanding on the inside its exciting.
 The little man slept the entire time.

I guess it works!

I got tired and wanted to sit down, but I chugged on through.
My favorite thing to do in the summer is look up at the leaves. No leaves yet... but soon.
I'm excited to take walking tours of Logan enjoy the small things ugly, funny and beautiful.

Friends and family are always welcome to come with us.


Laura said...

one of my companions did Hard Ball! she loved it!

Jen said...

um, can I just say you're awesome. i love this!