Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday: Walking Tours

Over a year ago I graduated from Utah State University.
I am an Aggie threw and threw. Our doctor wore a BYU tie and my husband and I were like what are you doing?
The campus is so beautiful if ever you are on your way to Bear Lake for time on the blue waters spot and get some Aggie ice cream and take a walking tour of campus!
 The new HUGE agricultural building. Once I took a survey and one of the questions was how many cows are on you college campus. Funny enough I could answer the question 100+.

 The perfect building to make sure you look good. I've always wanted to sit on the inside during a busy time on campus and count the number of people checking themselves out.
 Hurray for blue skies we have a bad inversion in the winter so blue skies are literally a breath of fresh air
 The old ag building. This is the last place you want to be if there is an earthquake.
 A lost shoe recovered with the snow melt.
 Emily a friends use to work here we would make visits. Sad she left:(
 The best spot to hide,sit and relax. It's behind the biology building


Laura said...

looks like you had a great walk today missy!!

Nancy said...

I wish I could take a walk around campus again. Even if it is cold. Oh, and I totally missed that I won your flower giveaway, like a month ago! How lame am I? Thank goodness Lucas clued me in. Sorry about that. My e-mail address is:
spackattak7 at hotmail dot com