Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally enjoying the snow

Logan winters are normally bitter cold with feet upon feet of crusted snow and lasts until the end of Spring semester. They are ruthless and this year has been different. We have yet to have a normal winter snow storm the skies open and we get a few inches in the valley and a few more in the mountains but that's it. I remember one year the snow was so heavy that stores and home owners were on top of their roofs shoveling off snow so there roofs wouldn’t fall threw. With such little snow we had yet to go snowshoeing but finally the heavens opened and we were able to go!

                Snowshoes have been one of my greatest investments. I use to have such a bitter attitude toward the miserable cold but now I have something to look forward too! Being outside with friends and having fun. It’s all about getting the right snow gear to keep you warm a decent pair of snowshoes oh and a good pair of boot is a must! Cold feet make everyone miserable.
So for all those snow birds out there to help change your attitude find a snow hobby and it will be medication to your cabin fever in the winter.


Sharon said...

How beautiful! White snow and blue skies!

David said...

Wonderful post!