Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three Day Weekends

Starting the first day of my last semester has been wonderfully blissful. I am excited to finally be done a chapter of my life. One will be finally be down a huge one on my list, graduating from college!

After starting school this week a three day weekend was met with much rejoicing. Lucas was able to get Monday off of work so we headed down to Tooele to visit with the Garcia’s. We were met with hugs, good company and yummy food! We went out to Stockton Miners and that’s what it is food for miners. Rich mashed potatoes, white gravy and Texas French toast and my first chicken fried steak.
After all the calories we ate we needed to burn off some calories and wanted to play the wii fit. They have some of the funniest games some of our favorites were the balancing games, the hula hops was what I did best at. I tried to do the sky jump but I kept jumping on the wii fit pad which you’re not supposed to do and it tells you.

Monday we will see what we do… sleeping in is first on the agenda!

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