Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Childrens Books at a great price

In trying to decided how to decorate your baby nursery we found a Dr. Seuss themed room. What better way to invite your baby into this world with a room full of books! I haven't officially decided the theme of my baby room, I like how I say mine. This room really will be for Mason. Anyways I still have to goal to read to my baby often very often. A family friend of our has a little boy named Gracen and this very active one year old will stop all he is going after for a new book! I hope my children will love books and reading just like him.

So being on USU campus today I found the big blue coupon book in it there was a coupon for a free book "no strings attached" at Jensen's Books in Logan. Also its only $7 dollars for an entire grocery bag of books. In our grocery bag we fit 43 books! We had to sit down and look threw many shelves but I thought the hour of searching was worth it!

I got this book because it reminded me of my grandma, she collected Mary Engelbert items.
Many of the books are new and many are used.Be prepared to look threw books!
It is located on Jenson Books 1977 Blacksmith Court Suite B

The book bag deal is on going if you want the free book "no strings attached" you can pick up coupon books in TSC on USU campus. 

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Brooke said...

Your baby is so lucky that it already has a library of books waiting for him! You will be a great mom and he will be one smart boy.