Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fabric Flowers

A few weeks ago I was home with my mom and she taught me how to make fabric flowers that everyone is wearing. It was so nice that she had all the supplies in her craft room plus more. We just kept on experimenting and making new ways of making new flowers. Everytime I go to the farmers market I see more people with more ideas. The best part is I go home and make them for FREE. A few weeks ago a friend of mine wanted to make some so my sweet mom sent us a shoe box full of supplies. We went nuts! I love these little flowers that you can make in 10 min or less and they are perfect little gifts.

Step 1: We will start with the bottom of the flower. Cut out two flannel circles cutting a slit in one off center. I couldn't find my hot glue gun tell today so I was sewing the two pieces together but you are more then welcome to just hot glue gun them together.

Step 2

Start cutting out circle. I like to do mine in layers, with diffrent color of fabric for some and all the same for others. Mix and match and experiment.

 Here are some of the flowers I've done I love to wear them on my purse on my shirt on a belt in my hair they go everywhere.

This is all the fabric that fit into that shoe box! Thanks mom! This box is making some many girls days!


swillden said...

If you ever want to have a flower making party You supply the hair clips (the best place to buy them is Sally's Beauty supplies) I will bring everything else!

Derek, Nikki, and Avrie said...

yes thank you Mrs Wilden! I really appreciated that shoe box too! I had such a blast making those with you sarah, and you just are so creative with new ideas how to make them!

Sharon said...

I made flowers with Anne last night - we made a bunch. It was fun!