Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have an obbsesion with Cereal

Not sure if this obsession was genetic or not. The first time Lucas saw my moms food storage he was amazed at the massive amounts of cereal but it is a great food storage. Everthing is already sealed so animals and water stay out, it is fortified with vitamins. I remember in a nutrition class for one of our assignments we had to track the food we ate for three days and then enter it into a program to show what nutrients we were getting and lacking. Those college students that mainly ate cereal met all of there vitamin intake if not exceeded daily.

The funny thing is were we are storing all of are cereal! Lee's marketplace had there giant size cereal bags on sale for $2 dollars!

Our normal cereal cabinet
In the baby stroller
Above the fridge

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Mary said...

I absolutely love it. I am totally obsessed with cereal, but Nate is not. So I have to limit myself. Now that we are in OK, I really have to limit myself cause dairy is ridiculously expensive. (My favorite part of cereal is drinking the sugary milk after!)So I am glad to see that I am not the only one! Thanks Sarah!