Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goal to stay busy

 We are so excited that Lucas has found a new job! That will be starting in mid September. He will be working with USU on a grant drilling for geothermal energy in Idaho. This job will jump start his masters and we get to stay in Logan! By we I mean I will be here throught the week and he will be here on the weekends.

I'm a little nervous but excited. It will give me the opportunity to stay busy!

Help me think of things I could do to stay busy and not miss him.

Sarah's List

Make a Jean blanket
Baby Crafts
Read books


Sharon said...

Get ready for your baby!!!! Practice lamaze techniques!!!

vanessa said...

Hey so tell me a weekend he is gone when it is pretty fall and we will come up.

Kayce and Scott said...

Hang out with Kayce!

Jenni Rigby said...

Taking the cake decorating classes are awesome. However, I am not sure that being a CAPSA volunteer is a great idea for you right now. With baby coming and with Lucas being gone, you have to be ready to go out on a call any time during a 24-hour time frame. Don't get me wrong, I loved being a volunteer there, but maybe you should wait a bit.