Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ward Service Project

What a miracle it was to find this project helping families build there homes! Habitual for Humanity builds homes all over the world and even here in cache valley. We will be helping Rebbecca Farnsworth and other families like her build there low income housing home. Personally I have loved getting to know Rebbecca her faith is contagious and her will is strong. Her family is grateful for our wards willingness to serve.

Here is Rebbecca's story

Rebbecca is only 34 years old, but after her husband suffered a
massive heart attack two years ago she was left a widow with a child
as young as 13 months and a family to care for. Her five children now
range in age from 3 to 13 years, and along with attending USU full
time she spends a minimum 35 hours a week working on building her
home. Rebbecca has a strong testimony of the Savior. In losing her
husband she compares herself to a tree. When he died she felt like
half of this tree had died. She relied on her husband for so many
things and over the years she has learned to fill out her tree,
becoming the handyman her husband was, while standing as a strong
daughter of God. She has not done it alone, and is constantly amazed
at the Lord’s hand in all things. She knows that her Savior lives and is
amazed at his endless love for her.

 On Saturday, December 4 we will be helping Rebbecca and
others piece their lives back together after tragedy by helping them
to build their homes. Rebbecca is receiving help to build a new home
for her family through Habitat for Humanity. Seven homes are
currently being built, and no one family can move into a home until
all seven are fully completed. Please plan to offer your helping hands
on December 4 so that Rebbecca and others may come closer to
moving into these new homes that they are in such need of.

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