Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ward Service Project Update!

New information below

Oh the weather outside is frightful but this service project will be so delightful! When  Rebbecca told me some of the houses would need framing when we come I cringed. That would be hard to doing such a service in the snow. We went to look out the houses and those four walls and roofs were looking pretty nice!

Here are the homes that we will be helping build! They build in groups of seven and we will be helping two different groups with there homes. The people we will we working with these are there homes every week they are required to put in 35 hours. Which when you think about it would be hard, try finding 35 extra hours a week in our schedule's now! Many of these families like Rebbecca are going back to school, working and have families.

So to have all of us come and help  them for a day is a relief! They need man power

Everyone please remember that we are building there homes that we need to build them how we would want our homes built no oh this looks good enough attitude. Come with an attitude to learn a new skill! The different groups will be putting rock up on the outside of homes and or inside framing!

Group #1 Rebbecca's group

Everyone is underneath the plastic putting up the rock.

Group #2 Framing
This was the only house withouts its roof on but in two weeks from today it will look different, because they are consistently working on the homes.

A finished Product

Saturday December 4th sign up for a shift either 7am-11am and or 11am-3pm
 (your more then welcome to stay the entire day)

Smithfield UT 100 North 600 W meet at the first tailor on the left it looks like this.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served. Any recommendations or request please comment!

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