Friday, November 26, 2010

JoAnns our love hate relationship

With in minutes all 100 pairs of scissors were given away and with in 10 min we were number 80 to have our fabric cut. Luckily we were ahead of these cute ladies buying 90 yards of fabric to make blankets and donate to CAPSA. They were sweet one of the ladies had to go home so Lucas watched there material and saved there spot in line so the daughter could take her mother home.

Many women abandoned there carts of there were other crazy ladies that brought the fort with them. No joke one women brought her own carts and had three 4 ft tall piles of fabric and she was buying every single yard!

We saved $119 which was crazy because I would have never paid that much in the first place. My mom told me that a few years back they sold there flannel for get this 50 cents a yard! This year it was $1.30. But if it ever goes down to $.50 a yard I will be buying 50 plus yards of fabric.

This year we came away with almost 20 yards.


Sharon said...

Fun Prints - happy sewing!

Brooke said...

How early did you have to get up? =)

Jen said...

way to go, super cute stuff. I am afraid of JoAnn's on black Fri!