Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Am I nesting is the question and someone offered to come help me clean if I was. I wanted to lie and say yes just because who gets offers to have someone help clean with you. I doubt its nesting but just my organizational self coming out and wanting to come home to a clean home after this baby comes.

I've been to Walmart three times this week to buy Rubbermaid containers. I have organized under the stairs, my laundry area, bathroom drawers and my craft areas. Tomorrow I will clean the fridge, mop the floors and continue to vacuum my sealing of cobwebs (they are everywhere). 

It feels nice to have an extra clean house the only key is keeping it that way and not allowing my laziness to kick in wish me luck!


vanessa said...

It is good to have the house in crazy tip top shape before your baby pops out. Then you can RELAX

swillden said...

agreed today I cleaned my washer a little crazy but do you know how gross they can get and moldy