Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cake #1

Finally I enrolled and am taking a cake decorating class at Michaels. They teach three different classes decorating basics, fondant and flower making. I am taking the decorating basics which I was worried that it would be to basic but it was nice to learn. My favorite part was the other people in the class. I was worried that there wouldn't be anyone my age in the class but surprisingly most of the students were close in age.

In our first class we learned how to make crumble free cakes and we brain stormed different kinds of fillings you could do. So this cake is lemon with strawberry filling, we were inspired  by lemonade flavors.

With  Lucas gone this last week I've been practicing I think I've gotten better.

Mason does funny things with his hands when we sleeps


Brooke said...

That's cool you finally got to go to your cake decorating class! Everything is looking really good.

Laura said...

THAT LOOKS SO CUTE!!!! good job Sarah!!

Lindsay Lou said...

Way to go on the Roses!! They're tough little buggers, but it looks awesome!

vanessa said...

good job on the pictures! and cake!

Jen said...

looks great and way to get right on top of your 2011 goals. You rock!
PS, that Mason is one super handsome kid-o :)