Thursday, January 20, 2011


So Lucas has two jobs one with Utah State University logging core at a drill site in Idaho. Were they are drilling for geothermal energy, when he is one site it's usually for 4-6 days. Which means its me and Mason. When he has an off week he works at Maceys grocery store as a butcher. He works hard in a normal month he works 200 plus hours. Which sounds like a ton but the schedule he has makes it so when he's home and working at Maceys usually 6am-2pm.

Today the drill site is in transition between drill sites so he was able to come home. I had no idea he was home. I was out walking around running errands. I lost my phone in the car and when I found it I had missed 30 calls! I finally got home and was talking to Lucas on the phone gabbing on I had no idea he was 15 feet way inside! It was a wonderful surprise.

Another fun surprise is that Mason is learning to play with toys! He makes new noises as of today. They are these loud cooing noises that sound they cries. So I keep running over to make sure hes ok and he is smiling and kicking his legs and arms.

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