Friday, January 14, 2011

Finding Doctor Horkely

In preparing for Masons arrival my mom was going threw a check list with me and I was doing pretty good covering everything except the lamas class I never took one my mom kept telling me you need to go you need to learn how to breath and push. Well I didn't and everyone kept telling me you are breathing so well and I pushed him out in 30 min! OH yeah!

One huge thing on the check list was finding a doctor for Mason. I had no idea were to begin and then I went to the internet. Ever time I have a question I always ask Lucas to google it for me. Well off to inter mountain health car website I went. They had bio of all there doctors and there beliefs of different issue that our children will run into. For example vaccinations. There answer weren't just a paragraph but pages of explanations in terms I understand.

Then I started asking everyone I even asked my car insurance agent, friends, people in my church. It came down to two doctors and we are please to be with Doctor Horkely. Our first visit he sat down with us for 45 min answering our questions. He was aware that we were new parents and has always told us how much things are going to cost so we are prepared. I'm a fan/ SO if you in Logan and looking for a pediatrician we recommend Doc. Horkley

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Carrie P. said...

We love Dr. Horkley too!!!! When Austin was born we had another doctor picked out, but he was a family doctor and because she was a preemie we had to choose an actual pediatrician, so we literally picked him for his face (he had one of those kind-looking faces, you know?) from off a pamphlet my ob/gyn gave me, and we've never regretted it! He's the best!