Monday, January 3, 2011

A new Year a new us!

We are excited to announce our goal for 2011

Live Each Day to its Fullest

I can list many things that I have yet to do because of fear, finances and we are sick of the excuses.
So often I make to many goals for my self and get overwhelmed so this year my goal is to only have this one goal. Ironic. 

To live each day to its Fullest I hope to
Go to a Bee's game (with fireworks)
Take cake decoating classes
Visit friends more
Spend time with my sisters
Make more friends

When I think of a full day I imagine going to the temple, laughing with my family, getting dressed and feeling like I am 100% beautiful and complete. Year 2011 we want to be happier and have more fun!


Brooke said...

What a great goal! I definitely like the "visit friends" resolution. =) You, Lucas, and Mason are welcome at our house ANYTIME!

Laura said...

i love how simple your goal is!! i'm going to copy you! and yes i am working on the application...right...NOW! :D