Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy anniversary

Two years ago I was married to the man I was completely in love with and still am. Getting to the alter wasn't easy it took a lot of patience on my part but was totally worth it! I met Lucas before I served an LDS mission in 2006 he would come over with his roommates and hang out and chit chat. Also he took me on a shoe date. In our singles ward we would all give one of our shoes and all the boys would pick one and then do nice things for us all week and then take us on a date. I put in my chaco and I can't remember what Lucas did for me throughout the week but I remember our date.

We went hiking to the wind caves up Logan Canyon, before hand we got Subway. Funny story is within the first 5 min of hiking he told me about how he was in the "Superman Club", he had to explain to me that being in this group requires you to not kiss but make out with a girl within 24 hours of coming home from your LDS mission (when serving a mission kissing girls is NOT allowed for 2 yrs). Immediately I labeled him as just a friend.

After coming home from my mission I open my door to my new apartment and low and behold Lucas is sitting at the kitchen table. From then on for some reason any girl that liked him or he liked after that I instantly was jealous and protective. I kept kicking myself and telling myself to stop it that we were just friends. And we continued to be friends threw the entire year, he came over to visit me and my roommates daily. He had a round of people he would go visit he was known as a friend to everyone and if you ever needed anything he was your man.

Soon summer came and dating was slowing down and I want to date and fall in love with someone. I remember lying on the grass outside with everyone playing four square in the parking lot and I was pondering how I should try and date or if I should move to make a new pool of friends. I felt like I needed to stay and stay for Lucas. Never before had dating him crossed my mind but it felt right very very right!

I told a few of his really good girl friends and turned my flirt on, He didn't take me out on a date for 3 months later. I kept on wanting to give up and move on to someone else, but I felt a direct impression that he was the one and I must be patient. Well that kind of sucked to know that you wanted to marry someone that you weren't even dating.

So I prayed everyday that summer that he would recognize what I had. Guess what he did! When he came back to Logan at the end of the summer he asked me out! I'm pretty sure I cried I was so happy and then he asked me out again! Before I knew it he called me his girlfriend and kissed me. Well it wasn't soon enough it still took time and I thought for sure it would take him a lifetime to ask me to marry him. I was willing to be patient as long as I could hold his hand. But then he threw a fast one I honestly freaked out. But after a minute of steady breathing I was fine and was engaged to the man I had been in love with the day I came back to school.

Know two years later we have a great job, insurance hurray, complete college degrees a wonderful place to live, wonderful student loans that are slowly going away, stronger testimonies that Heavenly Father does watch out for us and wants what is best for us. The best accomplishment of those two years is MASON!
I would never call marriage easy but always satisfying we have to constantly be communicating and adapting our communication. Saying I love you daily and telling each other how handsome and beautiful each other is. We are best friends, I once told Lucas that I need him to know me better then I know myself so he can help me when I can't help myself.

He is my best friend he has saved me from depression, has given me a son and has allowed me to fulfill my greatest calling being a mother by fulfilling his as a provider. The best thing about him is that he loves me as much as I love him! Liking someone more then they like you was always sad, but I'm done with that and am excited to be with the love of my life for eternity.

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Aww cute! Happy Anniversary!